Climate in Bergen

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Climate in Bergen

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Photo: Study Bergen

Located on the West Coast of Norway and close to the North Sea, the climate in Bergen can be unfamiliar for many incoming students.

Because of the mountains surrounding the city, Bergen is a rainy city with an average of 242 days with rain every year. An umbrella is therefore one of the most useful accessories you can have as a student in Bergen. That being said, most of the rainy days are not that rainy - only 86 of these 242 days have a rainfall of more than 10 mm. The amount of precipitation is highest from October to January.

The climate in Bergen is mild, because of the Gulf Stream. The average daily main temperature is 8 °C, and Bergen is the mildest of the larger cities in Norway all year. Snow is rare in the city even in the winter - normally there are just between 10 - 20 days with snow on the ground. But on the City Mountains, especially the highest, you can find snow for longer periods in the winter. Part of the year Bergen can be a bit windy, especially from October to March, but fresh/strong gale and storm is highly unusual.

Late spring (May - June) and late summer (August - September) normally have good weather, with many sunny days without wind. In this period, you can enjoy a swim in the sea or a lake, even though the temperature is rarely higher than 20 °C in the water.

So: even if you are studying here in the spring semester or the fall semester, you have to pack for both sunny days with shorts and t-shirt and for cold days with minus degrees outside.

Average daytime temperature:

  • January: 2.7°C
  • February: 3.0°C
  • March: 4.9°C
  • April: 8.0°C
  • May: 12.9°C
  • June: 15.1°C
  • July: 16.6°C
  • August: 16.3°C
  • September: 13.3°C
  • October: 9.8°C
  • November: 5.8°C
  • December: 3.3°C

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