Bergen Kristne Studentlag (BKS/Laget)


Bergen Kristne Studentlag (BKS/Laget)

Written by: Student Bergen


BKS/Laget (Bergen Student Christian Fellowship) is a christian, interdenominational student organisation.

The goal is to make Jesus known in educational institutions in Bergen. BKS resides in Lagshuset in Kalfarveien 8, where we serve a student dinner every tuesday at 5 pm. After these dinners, we organise social meetings consisting of speeches, questions, discussions and devotions. The location of these weekly meetings alternates between Kvarteret (Olav Kyrresgate 49) and Lagshuset, so that meetings are held in each place every other week. BKS also organises cabin trips every once in a while, where the main focus is on social activities.



Everyone is welcome regardless of their religious conviction. International students are always welcome! If you are not speaking norwegian, they will translate the speeches and other info for you. 



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