City of Nature

Written by: Study Bergen


Bergen is known as the city between the seven mountains and as the gateway to the Norwegian fjords.

The nature surround Bergen from all sides - everywhere you go you are close to both the City Mountains and the sea. No matter where in the city you choose to live you will be within walking distance to at least one of them. All the tops offer a beautiful view towards the city - whether you're on Damsgårdsfjellet which is the lowest (317 meters) or Ulriken which is the highest (643 meters).

The city mountains are very popular as a hiking area for the city's population - both for the long and tough trips as the 7-mountain-hike or Vidden (the mountain plateau between Ulriken and Fløyen, the steep and intensive sessions as Stoltzekleiven (known for one of the worlds toughest, but shortest uphill races) or shorter trips as up Fløyen.

If you want real alpine terrain you should walk on Bergen's highest mountain, Gullfjellet, at 987 meters. For skiing in the winter, Voss is not far away (1.5 hours by train), with both cross country trails and downhill skiing facilities of international standard, while Kvamskogen (1 hour by bus) also offers good trails and several ski resorts.

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