Student Coupon 2012


Student Coupon 2012

Skrevet av: Study Bergen


New students attending attending UiB, HiB, NHH, KHiB, NLA, Betanien or Haraldsplass will receive a brochure called 'Study Bergen' at the beginning of the semester. In the brochure you will find a map of Bergen and the Student Coupon 2012 which offers free entrance to a number of museums from 1st - 15th of September. If you do not receive the brochure you can contact your institution about how to get it.

The Student Coupon also gives you discounts on concerts/debates and other activities arranged by student organisations in Bergen during the autumn semester. A list of these discounts can be found below. The list will be updated throughout the summer at the beginning of the semester.  

When you use the offers on the Student Coupon it will be stamped. You do not to have hand in the card to redeem the offer.


From 1st - 15th September, the Student Coupon gives free entrance to the following places:

Sentralbadet svømmehall
Nordnes Sjøbad (Outdoor swimming pool)
Bergenshallen Ishall (Ice-Skating Rink)                                                                    
Permanenten West Norway Museum of Decorative Art                                      
The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene
Norwegian Fiskeries Museum
Edvard Grieg Museum / Troldhaugen  
Siljustøl Museum
Lysøen Museum  
Håkon's Hall and Rosenkrantz Tower
Bryggen's Museum
The School Museum / Holberg Museum

The Student coupon also gives you the following discounts/offers:

   50,- discount on a concert of your choice at Hulen, during the autumn semester 2012

1. A free rehersal session at the rehersal rooms at USF Verftet (worth 190,-), until 01.11.12

2.  20% discount on a 8 week instrument cours + free membership in AKKS 
(worth 1650,- /student price: 1300,-) until 27th August
   20% off all works of english fiction.
   Free entrance to "Åpen scene" once this semester.
   25% discount on dinner in Stjernesalen.
 See the menu here
   Free entrance to Helhus 1st September or Helhus 29th September at Kvarteret


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