"First aid kit" for students

Photo: Student Bergen

"First aid kit" for students

Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: Student Bergen

As a new student there are many things to consider. Here are a few tips along the way.

The years of being a student are considered by many the best years of their life. You are about to enter a time that’s going to be filled with joy, excitement, hard work, new friends and new experiences. Let us give you some help along the way.  

  1. Get in touch with fellow students. Break boundaries. Be the first to say hello.

  2. Get to know the city. Use the student map to orientate yourself. You can download it.

  3. You are in Bergen. Respect the weather. Always bring a raincoat and sunglasses. You may have to use both, the same day. 

  4. Join a student organization. Check out our list

  5. Listen to the radio. The student radio broadcasts every day. Check out their music list and find inspiration for a day at the reading hall.

  6. Remember important dates regarding your studies.

  7. Immerse yourself in culture, both on and off-campus. Use the student culture card (handed out every autumn semester) to get discounts. 

  8. Join the Buddy-program. You might just get a friend for life.

  9. Join Study Bergens events and meet other students. Like our facebook page to get updates on upcoming events and competitions. 

  10. Last but not least, have a fantastic time in Bergen! 

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