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The largest urban park in Bergen is located next to the University. It is a typical English park, laid out in 1880.

About Nygårdsparken

Nygårdsparken (literally "New Farm's Park") is the largest urban park within the city of Bergen at 172,896 square metres. Nygårdsparken is Norway's best example of a park in the English landscape style. Nygårdsparken went through a period of decline as the population of Bergen decentralized. However, since 2014 Bergen Kommune (Bergen Municipality) has been revitalizing Nygårdsparken including a pavillion area designed for children, families and people of all ages in the upper part of the park (the portion nearest University of Bergen's Student Centre). On nice days the park is often frequented by studying students, friends enjoying barbeques with an engangsgrill ("one-time" grill), sunbathers, cyclists, and the like. 

How to get there

The lower area of Nygårdparken is easily accessible from the Florida Bybane stop. Plan your visit using the Skyss Travel Planner.

Nygårdsparken's location on a map

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