Photo: Stand Hiestand. UiB International Student Blogger.


Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: Stand Hiestand. UiB International Student Blogger.

A small lake near Fantoft that offers a convenient short loop route. 

About Tveitevannet

Tveitevannet is a body of water between Løvstakken and Ulriken. There are footpaths hugging one side of the lake and a street running along the other side. Many people stroll or run around the lake among ducks, the occasional swan, and children playing. 

How to get there

  • From Fantoft, Tveitevannet is a short walk or run (see below for a route map).  
  • If you are not living at Fantoft, you can search for the best transit options to the Fantoft or Sletten Senter stops on the Skyss Travel Planner

The Route

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