Going out for a drink

Photo: Student Bergen.

Going out for a drink

Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: Student Bergen.

Whether you are seeking a beer bar in Bergen, a place with a cosy atmosphere, or a standard student pub, you can get started here. 

Student Pubs/Bars

Having a drink out in Norway generally tends to be expensive. Student bars are more likely to have lower prices, especially on basic drinks. Student pubs in Bergen include:

  • Ad Fontes: A student pub in the back of the UiB Humanities Faculty Building. Address: Sydnesplassen 7
  • Det Akademiske Kvarter (Kvarteret)The student culture venue. The main pub there is called Grøndahls (offers a discount on Mondays on microbrews). Address: Olav Kyrres gate 49
  • Straffbar: A bar and event venue in the bomb shelter of the UiB Faculty of Law (3rd Floor). Address: Magnus Lagabøtes plass 1 
  • Hulen: A student run bar and rock venue in the a former WWII bomb shelter. Address: Olaf Ryes vei 48 
  • Kronbar: A bar and venue at Bergen University College. Address: Inndalsveien 28

Sometimes it is worth the money to go out to a great pub or an atmospheric bar, here are some suggestions for when that mood strikes:

Pubs that mainly serve beer and wine:

  • Henrik Øl og Vinstove: Some say this is one of the best beer bars in Bergen. Over 50 beers on tap. Also serves wine. Address: Engen 10 (upstairs only)
  • Biskopen: Reknown for its cosy candle and often fire-light atmosphere. This pub focuses on (imported) beers and fine wine. Address: Neumannsgate 9 
  • Apollen Platebar: Record shop and bar, has 35 beers on tap and many bottled beers. Offers flights of beer. Address: Nygårdsgaten 2A
  • Una: A pub with a large beer selection and bar food. Address: Bryggen 7
  • Don Pippo: A resturant and wine bar with a variety of wines available by the glass, both new and classic. Address: Christiesgate 11 
  • Pergola Mat og Vinbar: A food and wine bar offering snacks and pizza in addition to a large international wine selection. Nedre Korskirkealm 9B 
  • Dyvekes: A cosy wine cellar with an old world atmosphere. Hollendergaten 7

Cocktails and more:

  • No Stress: A cocktail bar with fresh ingredients, a warm atmosphere, and DJs. Address: Hollendergaten 11
  • Ujvevnt: Varied cocktail menu with high quality ingredients. Address: Christies gate 7
  • Konrads Kåk: A cosy upstairs bar with comfy couches serving cocktails, wine and beer. Address: Engen 12
  • Dwell: Crafts seasonal cocktails, also a restuarant, juice bar, club, and place to do yoga. Address: Sparebanksgate 2

Outdoor Seating for when the sun is shining:

All bars are obligated to have alcohol free beer and wine options.

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