Restaurants and Cafés

Photo: Student Bergen. Zupperia and Pingvinen on Vaskerelven.

Restaurants and Cafés

Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: Student Bergen. Zupperia and Pingvinen on Vaskerelven.

Here are a selection of restaurants that are more affordable for students. 

Kafé Spesial

Located at Vektertorget on Nygårshøyden, this is a favorite for lunch and dinner among students. Italian inspired kitchen with mainly pasta, pizza and sandwiches. Price for a main course: NOK 80 - 150.
Address: Christies gate 13 (Next to Sammen Vektertorget)

Brød & Vin

Brød & Vin is the neighboring venue to Kafé Spesial. Even though the name literally translated means "Bread and Wine", the food served here is Asian. Price for a main course: NOK 99-189. Lunch meny: NOK 69.
Address: Christies gate 13 (Next to Sammen Vektertorget)

Stjernesalen Kafé (Det Akademiske Kvarter)

This student run café serves high quality food to a very student friendly price. Sandwiches, focaccia and salads for lunch, and a varied dinner menu including lasagna, lamb kebab, hamburger, tikka masala and salmon. Price for a main course: NOK 85-98. Take a look at the menu here.
Address: Olav Kyrres gate 49


A popular place to go if you want to eat well, but do not want to pay overpay. Asian and international kitchen, with salads and soups as well as dishes with meat and fish. Price for a main course: NOK 200 -300. Take a look at their menu here
Address: Torget 13 / Vaskerelven 12


The pub Pingvinen is a good choice if you want to eat traditional Norwegian food as meatballs, stew and fish gratin, but also sandwiches, soups and salads. Price for a main course: NOK 169 - 259.
Address: Vaskerelven 14


Naboen is both a pub and a restaurant, with a Swedish and international inspired kitchen. In the restaurant you can get high quality meat and fish dishes for NOK 200-300, and in the pub simpler dishes for NOK 120 - 150.
Address: Sigurdsgate 4


Barbarista is a pub and café offering small snacks, coffee, and alcohol. Here you can get the classic Norwegian combination of waffles and brun ost (brown cheese). Waffles range NOK 32-82 and paninis range NOK 76-96. 
Address: Øvregaten 12 

Bryggeriet Restaurant

A restaurant and microbrewery with scenic views, and free shuffleboard. The bar menu especially has reasonably priced options. Located in Zacharias Bryggen, a building filled with other restaurants and night-life bars. Price range at Bryggeriet is NOK 150-195. Take a look at their menu here.
Address: Torget 2

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