Musikselskabet Larmonien

Photo: Musikselskabet Larmonien

Musikselskabet Larmonien

Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: Musikselskabet Larmonien

Musikselskabet Larmonien is a student orchestra at the University of Bergen.

Musikselskabet Larmonien was established on the 21st February 1966, and is one of the most well established student orchestras at the University of Bergen. Larmonien welcome all types of musicians, and choose to focus on the joy of playing rather than skill. Larmonien is a very pleasant and relaxed orchestra, and can suit those of you who haven’t played for a while, or those who just want regular practice.

In addition to rehearsals, Larmonien also throw the occasional party and social gatherings. Other things on their calendar include playing in the parade on the 17th May, cabin trips, Halloween party, Christmas caroling and concerts at Hulen.



No auditions, anyone who is interested is welcome to join the rehearsals.




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